imagine tomorrow’s possibilities

Many people have known us for over 25 years under the name WERBEWELT. Now we have made our program our name: “make dreams come true” – in short: MDCT.

We are an independent, owner-managed creative agency. Since 1995, we have been offering strategies, concepts and their imple­men­tation from a single source. For national and inter­na­tional customers, 40 passionate and creative minds from a wide range of disci­plines work in our divisions. For more brand and corporate success, for more sustaina­bility and for more courage to do things differently. 

What we expect from customers applies just as much to us. Face the times and get involved. Facing change with honesty, courage and creativity — and not forgetting to have fun. Welcome to MDCT.
Wolfgang Benz CEO and founder of MDCT AG

MDCT – an offer.

All things are possible, but nothing is mandatory. Over time, we have developed skills and compe­tencies that have emerged from just one motivation: to make brands strong. It is important to look outside the box. What’s going on in the world? What are the possi­bi­lities? What can you make of it? One-stop shopping as a lead agency or the commis­sioning of individual divisions – we remain flexible. But where we make no compro­mises is holistic thinking. We presume to say how we see things. We owe you that.