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Digital solutions for the analog world.

Digital brand worlds. Websites, portals, online shops, apps, lead management and dialog campaigns.

With the first digital prize at the New York Festivals, we have already confirmed our passion for the world of digital commu­ni­cation in 1999. Since then, we have been among the creative agencies with real digital expertise. Despite all our successes and internal clientele, we have decided not to become an IT agency. We fight for the brands and their success. The future is analog! Technology serves human beings. That is the only route to take. That is why we master our craft with the motivation to under­stand digital solutions in the sense of the users. When this task is done, success comes by itself.

Start small but start. For the sake of the customer, everyone has to sit down at the same table so that brands don’t overtake themselves in a data-driven way.
Paul Krauss, Head of MDCT All Digital

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