Social Sense

Figuring out what brings us together.

Brand-oriented social media. Analyses, concepts, campaigns, community management, creator relations and influ­encer marketing.

Since 2007, we have been one of the addresses for social media commu­ni­cation. Much has happened during this time. The success of these channels is not only deter­mined by reach and likes, but also by ideas that the people who move something in us can identify with. Companies like HUGO BOSS, Disney, Jack Wolfskin or American Express have experi­enced what our strategies and campaigns do. Excessive use of these channels brings new challenges. Not the amount of posts, but meaning­fulness is becoming more and more important. Those who only send content have not yet commu­ni­cated. Class instead of mass is the task. This applies to us and our customers, but also to the future business models of social media companies.

Always-on-point instead of always-on. We believe in social media content that is to the point, highly relevant and moves people.
Jasmin Schlaich, Head of MDCT Social Sense

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