Modern eingerichtetes Wohnzimmer von Rolf Benz für den neuen digitalen Markenauftritt Modern eingerichtetes Wohnzimmer für den digitalen Markenauftritt von Rolf Benz

Digital brand identity for ROLF BENZ.

In Germany, design is a tradition. Quality is also a tradition in Germany. Made in Germany combines the two – and so does Rolf Benz. The company envisaged a website conveying just those qualities – something timel­essly modern, with an upmarket design, realised to the highest quality standards.

Working with Rolf Benz, we pointed the way by producing a digital icon for the tradition-conscious brand. The result was a stage that gives Rolf Benz products the scope to impress. The pared-down design, which works ideally with all devices – including small smart­phone screens – exudes a luxurious feel. The functional design embraces all technical possi­bi­lities, intel­li­gently adapting to user habits. The focus of the website is firmly on the high quality products of Rolf Benz, framed by brand content and inspi­ra­tions. For the visitor, highlighted sofas can be viewed in detail on the home page itself. The sofa overview enables visitors to explore and compare all models according to preferred type – standard, recamier or corner sofa. Visitors can intui­tively browse more than 300 fabric and leather covers before choosing which to test out in store. Nearby dealers with those parti­cular products in their range are suggested on the product page. 

Rebranding Digital branding Rolf Benz Mockup
Rolf Benz Mockup für den digitalen Markenauftritt
Rolf Benz Mockup für den digitalen Markenauftritt
Rolf Benz Mockup as part of the digital brand presence
Rolf Benz in perfekter Balance für den digitalen Markenauftritt


  • Award

    if Design Award 2016

  • Prize

    Special Mention at German Design Awards 2017

Rolf Benz Bezugsauswahl für den digitalen Markenauftritt