A life-saving awareness campaign

Less stigma­tiz­ation, more dialogue: Producer Jacob-Lucas Burck­hardt and director Leve Kühl explore Drug Checking in their poignant 3‑minute film. Perso­nally affected by a tragic loss, they aim to bring attention to profes­sional substance analysis coupled with personal counseling, with the goal of poten­tially saving lives. Currently, Drug Checking receives little attention in Germany. Our task? To develop a campaign approach around the film to give more visibility to this crucial issue.

We have developed a compre­hensive approach that initiates discourse and encou­rages societal engagement with drug consumption and drug checking. The campaign title, “Highlife.” stylisti­cally opens multiple layers. It not only refers to the highs and lows of life but also estab­lishes a thematic connection to drug checking.

The Highlife Campaign combines art and social respon­si­bility. We are proud to be part of this project that is not only artis­ti­cally appealing but also conveys an important message and prompts reflection. There is no risk-free drug consumption, but it’s crucial to break down preju­dices and provide resources for counseling and support.
Wolfgang Benz, CEO

We prioritize a Social First approach for maximum impact. The campaign content is featured on its respective Instagram channel, @saferhighs, as well as on the newly launched website saferhighs.org. The content strategy is based on both: the emotional storyline of the film and infor­mative facts about drug checking. Additio­nally, posters and stickers have been strate­gi­cally placed in locations where consumption often occurs, such as clubs.

Project Management: Ines Harer
Art Direction: Isabella Witzany-Wokalek, Andreas Drosdz
Strategy & Concept: Jessica Schweinoch, Dennie Max Pfau
Social: Hanna Weil, Amelie Bußmann
Digital: Dominik Wieland, Kai Wieland, Paul Krauss

Film produced by Upperfast & Bonaparte Leve Kühl, Jacob-Lucas Burck­hardt
Photo­graphy: Andre Josselin
Partner: KnowDrugs / Philipp Kreicarek